1863: Solomon Hege to Constantine Alexander Hege

This letter was written by Solomon Hege (1813-1875) of Davidson County, North Carolina, to his oldest son, Constantine Alexander Hege (1843-1914) who served in Co. H, 48th North Carolina (Confederate) Infantry. Solomon and his wife, Catharine Guenther (1813-1874) had at least four other children.

Constantine survived the war, returned home and shortly thereafter started the Salem Iron Works.

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Addressed to C. A. Hege, Richmond, Va., Co. H, 48th Regiment, N. Carolina Troops, General Cook’s Brigade

Davidson County, North Carolina
Thursday evening, June the 11th 1863

My Dear Son C. A. Hege,

Just a few moments ago H. Meser brought me a letter which Uncle C. Ripple brought from Salem today [from] Richmond Camp Lee bearing date June the 7th. I was truly glad to hear from you and this morning I received your letter you sent from Kinston as you were about to leave there. I had supposed likely you had only went to Petersburg but so it is again at Richmond. It is stranger they order Cook’s Brigade about so much, but so it is. May the goodness and mercy of God be with you where ever you go is my prayer.

Still during this week I had many an anxious thought thinking perhaps you was about Fredericksburg being told they were fighting there on Saturday last. But yesterday I was told they only run the Yankee’s back again. Oh what folly that the men in authority do not try to offer proposals other wise that trying to murder for to restore peace to our already ruined country. O that God would constrain them to meet each other in Peace Conference to make fair proposals to stop fighting and live as God designed man should live here, that they may live in Heaven hereafter. I do hope that God Almighty will soon interpose. then let us in earnest cry and never cease in prayer.

I suppose you have now received letters stating the disappointment of your Mother in bringing you a trunk of good things to eat as your attention seemed to be arrested in going through Virginia seeing the fine wheat. Well, may it remind you of the great need of your help on our old farm which needs more laborers to raise grain and make hay as Old Jeff and his Cabinet say one tenth of all the farmer does raise must be paid as a tax to defray expenses of the Confederate Government. May God rule our ruler and bring them to a sense of their duties to their fellow men.

By your father, — Solomon Hege

We are all well as usual and thank the Lord you are well also. May the Lord be with you to bless and comfort you under all circumstances.


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