1863: John G. Smith to George Wortham

This letter was written by Lt. John G. Smith commanding the camp of the 62nd Georgia Cavalry. He wrote the letter to Lt. Col. George Wortham of the 50th North Carolina Infantry.

Addressed to Lt. Col. George Wortham, Commanding Post, Raulsville [North Carolina]

Headquarters 1st Squadron
62nd Georgia Reg. Cavalry

Lt. Col. George Wortham,

My picket is stationed at Jamesville, Hardison Mills, Old Ford Mills, and Stallions so the enemy cannot advance in no direction from Washington and Plymouth without my pickets having knowledge of the movements. There is also a force of cavalry from this regiment at or below Gardner’s Creek Bridge on Jamesville Road. There has been no advance made by the enemy yet. Should there be, my picket will advise you. In fact, they will return by the mill should the enemy force them to retire from their post.

Your obedient servant, — John G. Smith, 1st Lt. Commanding Camp

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