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Chapman, 1 January 1865

Battery Anderson, Virginia
January 1st 1865

Dear Mat,

Your kind letter of the 28th came to hand last night and I was very glad to hear from you and to hear that you are well but I am very sorry to think that you will talk of long letters for your letters are not half so long as I wish them to be and all the fault that I can find is that you do not write half often enough and if you are homesick, you must know how I feel when I am waiting for a letter from you. So my pet, please write as often as you can.

You say that you are tired of the noise that you hear and I wish that I could say the same. Don’t I wish that I was there to hear it. But pet, you must bear in mind what I have told you and stoop to no one even if you are a little hard up at this time for I don’t mean for you to be in trouble longer than I can help. I am very glad, pet, that you have got that company roll for I was afraid that it would not go safe. I am glad that Uncle Potter is so kind to you and I thank him very much for it and if ever I can do him a good turn, I will , I hope, Pet, that this will find you well and happy for it leaves me quite well and you know, pet, that I love you better than I do myself.

But tell me what you think of my make you a visit. I don’t say that I will come but they are giving furloughs now from our regiment. But I guess that you will need all the money that I get when I get paid so I won’t think of getting a furlough till my time is out. I am on guard tonight so you see that I have got my hands full on New Years Day. I will send for a box after I get paid and have that instead of a furlough.

I will now close with my love to you and best wishes to all and a Happy New Years to my pet. write soon, dear pet, for I love to read your letters.

As ever, your loving husband, — Chester A. Chapman, Co. D, 1st C. V. A.

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