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Chapman, 16 June 1861

Chambersburg, Pennsylvania
June 16, 1861

My Dear Wife,

While I write this, all the rest of the boys are out to cheer the Wisconsin Regiment for they are off to the war tonight and we shall be off soon but I can’t tell how soon—but I hope that it will be tomorrow so that I can get home to see you for I want to see you very much. I have heard that we were under marching orders to start for Harpers Ferry but I can;t tell how true it is but the sooner we start, the better for me, for if they don’t start quick, I shall be sent home. But I hope I shall not be for I had rather fight twenty battles than bear the blame of being sent home before the war ends.

We left Hartford on Monday for Washington but we had orders to stop here and there is nine regiments with us that is within ten miles of us, so now [you] see we are safe here. I don’t know what to write but I hope you are well for I am not. Give any love to all of our friends.

From your husband, — C. A. Chapman

P. S. I will send this for you may get it but I was not a going to. Direct your letter to C. A. Chapman, Company D, 4th Reg. C. V., Washington D. C.

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