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Chapman, 26 August 1864

Near Petersburg, Virginia
Battery D, 1st C. V. A.
August 26, 1864

Dear Wife,

Your kind letter of the 21st has just come to hand and I am very glad to hear that you are well. The reason why I said that you could thank the Lord that I was alive was because I came very near getting killed that day and not because I had any doubt of your love for I have none. I think that you love me as much today as you did five years ago, pet.

No, pet, I have not forgot about Elder Bingham coming to see me or how you felt that day and I hope that it was the means of doing you a good turn if not me for I can’t say that I have changed much. But I hope, pet, that you have or will become a Christian.

I am glad that you have got that money and I thank you for them stamps. You must send me what I have to use for it is hard work to get any out here. I have not forgot that I promised not to drink any more whiskey, but I drink it for it helps me this hot weather. We draw it in the company and only get half a quill a day so I guess it won’t make a drunkard of me for I make three or four drinks out of half a quill so I don’t take but half a swallow at each time. I shan’t drink enough to get drunk.

You say that you have sent that boy to New London. Where did you send it to? Is Mr. Russel there now or did you send it to the poor house? Or what did you do with it? I am sorry that you are not to have one for I wanted to find one when I got home to play with but I suppose it is all for the best. But I am glad that you want one and if ever I get home, I will try and see what I can do in that way. So look out for I shall try hard.

We had orders to take our mortars out of the Battery night before last and we took them out for they was afraid that they was a going to blow up the battery and now we have got to take them back tonight. So I will close this with my love to my little pet wife. Give my love to all and remember me as ever.

Your affectionate husband, — Chester A. Chapman, Co. D, 1st C. V. A.

To my wife, Martha L. Chapman, Montville, Conn.

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