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Chapman, 7 August 1865

Chesapeake Hospital
August 7th 1865

Dear Wife,

Your kind letter of the 28th of July came to hand today and I thank you very much for it but it had ought to of been here six days ago. I don’t see for my part what it is that keeps your letters so long for this is the second one that has been over a week a coming and they had ought to get here in three days. I am glad to hear that you want to see me and wish that you could have the pleasure, but I don’t think that you will until my time is out. I can’t get money enough to get home on. They owe me now near three hundred dollars and I can’t get it or any part of it unless I get discharged and if I do get discharged, I will lose a hundred and forty dollars of my bounty. But for all that I have a mind to ask for a discharge and lose it for it would be best for my health. But I think that I will wait for a couple of months before I do and see if our regiment is to be mustered out. If not, I will try to get out.

I will let you know how that box is to be directed so if you send it you can get it but I won’t send it for some time yet as I may need some of the things that I intend to send home. I will direct it as I do my letters: Martha L. Chapman, Voluntown, Windham county, Conn. O will close now for tonight for it is late and finish this tomorrow. Good night my pet.

August 8th — I am told now that all of the men in these hospitals except veterans and officers are to be sent to their states to be discharged. But all of these men that is on duty and the Vets and the Officers has got to be sent to their regiments. I shall be in this place only about three or four days longer and I don’t know what duty I shall be put on then if I am not sent to my regiment.

August 9th–Pet, I will now try and finish this hoping it will find you in good health as I am well as usual. I hope that you have received that money that I sent to you and if you hear anything about our regiment, let me know. Good night. My love to all.

Yours truly, — Chet

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