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Chapman, 2 April 1864

Fort Richardson, Virginia
2 April 1864

Dear, dear wife,

I am very sorry, pet, that I have put you to all this trouble and you can’t get to me for it was the greatest wish of my life for you to come out here but it is not to be, Yet I had rather spent a hundred dollars in having you by me for a short time than to do something else in the world with it for I love you and want you with me if I can’t see you but once a week. There is plenty of women out here with their men and some of them has got there children with them and I thought that as you had none, it would not be so hard for you as for them. You must forgive me for asking you to come as I did it with the purest motives—that of love for you. So I am sorry that you can’t get here. Give my love to all and I remain as ever, your devoted husband, — C. A. Chapman, Co. D, 1st. C. V. A.

April 6, 1864

Dear Mat—your kind letter of the first came to hand yesterday and I was sick with the headache so I could not answer it before. I am very sorry, pet, that you have given up coming out here but you know how it is with you at home better than I do. We do not know yet as we shall go away from here but I hope that we shall go now you are not coming for I had rather be there than here without you. But that fix that you are in—what is it? if you are not afraid to tell me. You need not be afraid to come out here on account of our going away for to tell the truth, I don’t believe we shall go.

I am still a corporal but I hope that I shall be a private one of these fine days for it is best of the two. I thank you, pet, for that dollar for it come in time to keep me from borrowing. I am sorry that you can’t come out here for I want to see you very much and it looks hard to see men take so much comfort and be so happy with their wives and I have a wife and live as if I was in prison.

Give my love to all. I will now close for I know that I shall only give you pain in writing as I do, my love, to you. Pet, excuse this for I am not very well but I should be if you was with me.

Let me know about that fix and don’t let my going away keep you from coming out here. Scratch on the paper what that fix is with a pen.

— Chet

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