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Chapman, 21 December 1861

Fort Richardson, Virginia
December 21, 1861

I take this opportunity of writing a few lines and hope they will find you well and happy. I received a letter from Father last night and I will send it in this for I want you to keep it for me as it is the first that I have got from him. You may laugh at it if you like for I did when I saw that part about Mother’s being crosser than the devil. He writes just as he talks, you see.

Your letter of the 17th got here on the 19th and I was very glad to hear from you [and] glad too that you are a going to send that box for I need the things very much. But they may send me home before I get them but I can’t tell for it may be two days and it might be two years before I come. I suppose that you will be down to Mary’s when this letter gets home. If you are, I hope that you will enjoy yourself as much as you can on Christmas for my sake for you have had trouble enough. And now I want you to take comfort the rest of your life, if you can.

Give my love to Mother and the girls. Tell Clary that I will kiss her when I get home if she will let me. Tell Jo that I won’t kiss her anyhow, but you must kiss Dora for me and Ella too.

I am on the water guard today so I have got a little time to write. Charles Knight ¹ will leave for home soon and you will hear from [him] by going to New London about the last of the week for Tom Gough ² is a going to start for home on next Monday. He lives on Potter Street and will have my daguerreotypes with him for you. Anyone will tell you where Thomas Gough lives so that you can find him. Let Mother go with you if you can for he may be tight [drunk] and if he is, you may want someone with you. But I guess he will be alright. I have no other way of sending them but by him so excuse me.

Give my respects to Judith and tell her that I wrote to Ed [Sisson] as she wished me to but he has not answered my letter yet. I will now close this with my love to you, my pet.

From your husband, — Chet to Mat

Be sure to go to New London the last of this week and go down on Potter Street [and] find Thomas Gough for he will have them pictures for you. Yours, — Chet

¹ Pvt. Charles H. Knight of Columbia was discharged from Co. D, 4th Conn. Infantry (1st Conn. H. A.) on 7 January 1862.

² Pvt. Thomas Gough of New London was discharged from Co. D, 4th Conn. Infantry (1st Conn. H. A.) on 23 December 1861.

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