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Chapman, 5 February 1863

Fort Richardson, Virginia
February 5th 1863

My Dear Wife,

It is with pleasure that I now pen these few lines hoping they will find you well and happy for I am not either ewll or happy for I am sick both in body and mind. I will send you the check for that money so that you can get it and I will send you more next pay day if I am here but I will have to be toed up if I do stay for I am tired of this kind of living. If ever I get home, I will let you know what the fault is for I can’t now. Enough that I say that they treat us worse than hogs. I can’t write more this time for it is late.

Give my love to all. The reason that I did not send my picture is because they won’t let me go to Alexandria to have it taken. Let me know as soon as you get that money.

Good night my pet. From — Chet


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