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Chapman, 24 July 1862

Baltimore [Maryland]
July 24th 1862

Mrs. Chapman,

At the request of your husband, I will now try & write you a few words concerning his whereabouts. I have already neglected to write you longer than I intended for which I hope you will excuse me as my health has not been so as to permit me to write much. I know that you must be very anxious to hear from him & I am sorry that I can not send you a better account of things. I left him on the 18th of this month a prisoner in Richmond where he had been acting as nurse for some of us that were taken with him. He was in no confinement while I was there but what was his destiny after, I do not know but he will probably be released on parole soon as a good many of the nurses have been. Perhaps you may have heard from him before this. I hope so at least.

We were taken the 27th of June while in our hospital. This is all that I am able to write this time so I will close by hoping that you may hear from your husband soon.

This from [Pvt.] Albert Sperry, Company I, 1st Connecticut Heavy Artillery
U. S. Hospital House 83, Baltimore Maryland

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