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Chapman, 30 March 1863

Fort Richardson, Virginia
March 30th 1863

Dear Wife,

I feel very lonely tonight for I come off of guard today and was very much disappointed in not finding a letter from my dear little pet wife. I has rained hard all day today so we have plenty of time to play with pen and ink as you will see by this letter.

I have but a little news to write to you. What I have is very good., pet. They are trying to raise our pay in Congress and if they do, my pay will amount to forty dollars in two months instead of twenty-six—in other words, we shall get twenty dollars a month. It will be quite a raise for me as I get only thirteen dollars.

We had a new state flag presented to the regiment day before yesterday and we had to meet at Fort Ward five miles from here with knapsacks. We had a review and dress parade and to wind up, we new corporals had ot march out in front of the regiment to receive our warrants of office. I wish that you could see mine. You would think that Colonel Abbott was trying to flatter a feller.

It is very hard work to sit and write on this hard bed with my papers on my knee so I will close this wishing you well. Give my love to all for I still remain in your keeping.

P. S. Send a fellow a dollar for I am out of money as I told you I should be.

Your husband, — C. A. Chapman

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