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Chapman, 22 February 1863

Fort Richardson, Virginia
February 22, 1863

My dear little pet wife,

It is now two years since we were married and I hope that time has not made so much a change in your appearance as it has in mine for I am greatly changed for those that don’t know me takes me to be thirty-five years of age, but yet I am only twenty-five. Did I look to be so old before I left home, pet? Don’t be mad with me for writing with this kind of ink for it is a notion that I have got. But I forgot to tell you that I have not changed—only in looks—for I am the same other ways as I was when I left home. I love my little wife just the same if not better than I did before. Yes, pet, you are still as dear to me as ever and my fondest hopes are of you and the happiest hours of my life has been passed with my pet. Don’t blame me for writing this for it is just as I feel.

I have not much time to write so I will finish up by asking you to send those two pictures to me. Remember that I wish to have one at full length and one sitting. You shall have mine about the first of next month if I can get time to go out and have them taken. Give my love to all. Good night my pet.

From the young man, — Chester

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