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Chapman, 10 April 1865

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Battery Anderson
April 10, 1865

Dear Wife,

I will try now to pen a few lines hoping they will find you well. Day before yesterday I had the pleasure to go over to the line of works lately held by the Johnny’s in front of our battery and I found it quite a pleasure trip if I was on duty. We went out to the Howlet House Battery to remove the powder that they left there and while the boys was at work in that battery, I went off up the river two miles farther and I found a splendid battery with three large cannon and a ten-inch mortar. The battery was not finished but it had one of the prettiest magazines that I ever saw and it was full of ammunition. But the best of all is I captured three Johnnies and brought them in with me. But enough of this for the mail is in and your kind letter of the third is before me.

I am very thankful, my pet, that you are getting well so fast and you must take care of my pet for I can’t while I am out here. I want that watch as much now as ever and I want a box of tobacco like the last one that you sent to me, and be sure to send that cake for I want something to eat from home. And you will be very kind if you send a dollar’s worth of stamps and a bottle of Plantation Bitters. And you must send it quick for we shall soon move away from here and it will take some time for it to find me after we do move. So hurry, my pet, for my sake for I do want a watch very much indeed.

You can give that Roll of Co. F to Mary if you wish to for it is yours as I gave it to you to do as you wish with. I will now close this with telling you that I have heard of the letter that I sent to the Captain asking him to take my [corporal] stripes off, but not in the way that I wished to for I had the Orderly tell me today that he had carried in my papers for promotion so if nothing happens, I shall be a sergeant before I am a private.

Give my love to Wanton & Mary for my love all belongs to my little pet wife. Write soon and send that box as soon as possible.

Ever your affectionate husband & lover, — Chester A. Chapman

To my dear wife, Martha L. Chapman, Voluntown, Conn.

Martha, you must not think anything because I took the envelope for they are so heavy that I had to know. I am afraid I shall have to pay 6 cents.

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