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Chapman, 10 March 1862

[Fort Richardson, Virginia]
[10 March 1862]

My Dear Wife,

As there is plenty f paper here, I will write you a few lines but I can’t tell how long it will be before I can send them to thee. I got your kind letter tonight and I am glad to hear that you are a little better. I am glad that they have given you your money and I hope they will give me mine soon for I can’t get any stamps without getting in debt for them. I am sorry that your hae not paid the doctor for you had ought to clear yourself from him the first of all. Give him my respects and tell his that I want him to do his best for you for I want you to…

…if we do not, you will have it to say that you had a man that loved you and was true to you as long as he was permitted to live. You are still the same to me far as love is concdrned as you was the night that we tried to hold up the stove pipe when all the folks was in Westerly. Wasn’t that one of the times for courting? But old times is passed and let them go for we have other things to talk of for we have got to fight in the big week.

March 15th — It is twenty-four hours more so I will write again, Last night I wrote that our army was on the move and tonight they have got Manassas Gap and Centreville and are on their way to Regiment. Our regiment is to stay here to take care of the forts. Our regiment is to be divided in the morning and placed in the forts. I don’t think that they intend to let us fire off our old muskets. Good night, pet.

March 16th — I got your kind letter last night. I am glad to hear that you are a little better. you must persevere if you wish to get well and not stop as you did before. I like your dress very much. I can’t write no more tonight so I will answer your letter in my next. Give my love to all. Good night.

From your boy, — Chet

…too bad that they don’t let us go for they will only make fun of us when we get home if we don’t do some fighting. For my part, I had rather do some fighting if I lose a leg by the operation. It may be a long time before I can send this for I can’t get a single stamp and if I could, it would be of no use for the post master says there can be no more letters go North while the army is in motion. If that is so you can’t hear from me but I can from you if you have a mind to write and I guess that you have for I know that you love me enough for that, don’t you my pet. It may be that we never meet again in this world…

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