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Chapman, 30 August 1862

Alexandria, Virginia
August 30, 1862

My Dear Wife,

With pleasure I now write these few lines hoping they will find you well. I received your kind letter and was very glad to hear from you. We have got back to Fort Richardson again but how long we are to stay here, I can’t tell. But I think it will be some time for our Colonel is in command of six forts. Our company and Co. B is at Fort Richardson so you can look at your pictures and see where I am again. But I never thought we would be back here again. So when you write, send your letters to Fort Richardson as you used to and I will get them.

I am on special duty in the city and in the Colonel’s boat and have nothing to do in the company which I am very glad of for I don’t like to go soldiering when I can help it no how.

I would like to tell you how I get along but all that I can say is that I am as good looking as I used to be but not quite as tough. I hope that you are well and if not, try to get well as soon as you can for it may be that you [will] never see me again for they are fighting very hard only a few miles from here [2nd Battle of Bull Run] and they may send us on to the front before we think of it. And if you know anything of our regiment, you know that when they are sent there, they fight until they are called in if they all get killed. They call us the second Sixty-ninth out there. The rebels calls us the blue-bellied yankees and say that if it had not of been for us and our big guns, they would of taken the whole of McClellan’s big army.

So I will close for this time hoping that you and all the rest are well. Give my love to all and write as soon as possible. From your affectionate husband — Chet

To Mrs. Chester A. Chapman, Montville, Conn.

Direct to Chester A. Chapman, Washington D. C.
Co. D, 1st Connecticut Artillery
Fort Richardson

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