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Chapman, 18 September 1862

Alexandria, District of Columbia
September 18th 1862

My Dear Wife,

I will try to pen you a few lines tonight and hope they will find you in good health for I am well as I can be under the circumstances. Let me know if you have made that visit to your grandfather yet and if you have, how you like it and if you can let me know how the boys like the draft up that way. Poor Warton. I hope that he won’t be drafted for they are making the drafted men do the hardest of the fighting. But we shall all have our share of it before long. I hope that it won’t be my turn until we get paid off so that I can send you some money for I know that you must need it by this time. I should of sent you some before if I had of had it to send but I have not had any to buy tobacco with since I sent you that check so that I have to chew or beg of the other boys in camp.

Let me know if Holly still lives in New London. If he does, how he gets on for I think some of going in his old schooner with him before long. Don’t you think I had better? Give my love to Mother and the little girls and kiss big Josephine for your lover, — Chester A. C.

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