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Chapman, 3 September 1861

Frederick, Maryland
September 3, 1861

My Dear Wife,

I now take my pen to write these few lines and I hope they will find you well. The Captain [Joseph C. Dunford] got here last night and brought your letter with him. I am sorry to hear that you were unwell and sorry to [hear] that you have had so much trouble about your money but they should either give you that or lose me as. A soon as I get paid here, I shall try to get a furlough to come home for a week or two, but you must not expect me for I don’t believe they will let me come and we may not get any money for a month. But you must write as soon as you can and let me know if you get the money in Montville. If you don’t, I will send you an order for it so that you can draw it in New London.

Excused this for I am very sick with the fever and ague. So good day. With my love pet, from your husband, — Chet

Oh that I were where you could be with me and I shall be as soon as I can. — Chet to his pet.

P. S. The Captain has just brought me your daguerreotype and it is very pretty. Oh how glad I am to get this for it looks just like you. Good night, pet. — Chet

I wish I could write more but I am too sick. — Chet to Mat

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