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Chapman, 25 November 1864

Battery Anderson, Virginia
November 25th 1864

Dear Wife,

Your kind letter of the 20th came to hand yesterday and it found me well and I hope this will find you the same. Har, har, you got all that wanted of the mill, did you? Well it was just as I thought it would be and I am glad of it. But I hope it won’t hurt you. You can bet you would not of got my consent if I had of sent you my last pay as I had ought to have done.

November 26th — Dear Mat, I had to stop last night for the taps beat for the first time in a week. It is not daylight yet so I will try to finish this before breakfast. I thought, pet, that you told me you was well but I see you ain’t by this letter of yours. I am very sorry, pet, for I thought that if I ever get home, I should find you well and happy but I see that ain’t my luck. You say that if you could have your wish, you would have me with you at night. Well I wish that you could have your wish, but tell me all about what you would give me for talking about staying out for five years more. You ain’t fat enough yet to hurt anyone, are you? If you get fat, let me know for I don’t want to get lost in a land of soap fat. Har, har, har.

What did Mary [say?] Look out, pet, she is ahead of you but that don’t matter for you ain’t good for nothing. You can get anything if you try. But pet, tell what kind of a Thanksgiving you had. We had a half of a chicken and fifteen apples a piece—quite a get-up, don’t you think so? What is the matter with you, pet? Can’t you get warm without me? I should think tat you could but I guess that ain’t all that you want, is it? I think that I could do the other thing for you if I was there. Now I will stop till tonight for I have got to eat my breakfast and go on police [duty].

Now I will try and finish this for it is the third time that I have tried to write it. But before I stop, I must as k you when that picture of you is a coming for I have asked for it a long time and I know that you have altered some since I saw you last for when I look at your picture, I don’t think it is you. Let me know if R__ Pratt has got home yet. Give my love to all for you have it all. Write soon.

Your husband, — C. A. Chapman

To my wife, M. L. Chapman

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