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Chapman, 19 May 1861

Hartford [Connecticut]
May 19, 1861

My Dear Wife,

It is with pleasure that I now write these few lines to let you know that I am well and hope this will find you the same. We are now in the barracks of the 4th Regiment and are all well and I would be happy if I knew that you were. We shall not have any money until we pass the doctor and then you will have 20 dollars sent to you from the City of New London and if they do not send it to you soon after we pass, let me know of it and I will send you an order for it. I shall write and let you know as soon as we pass so that you can get your money.

I guess you would laugh to see us boys here and know how they do here for we are all quartered in one room full of [pater cut] men and one blanket for [paper cut] men and are marched uptown to the American Hotel for our meals three times a day and when we turn in to go to sleep, there are some of them quarreling and others are a singing. I must close now with my love to you and all, so good[bye] for this time.

P. S. I want you to send me your daguerreotype as soon as you can. Tell Mother she must read this for I have not time to write more. My love to you all. Good day.

I remain your husband, — C. A. Chapman

Mr. [George B.] Cook—our first officer [Lt.] —is the best man on the ground. He is a fine man.

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