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Chapman, January 1865

Battery Anderson, Virginia
Jan 1865

Dear Wife,

I will now pen a few lines hoping they will find you well for they leave me in the best of health. Your kind letter of 10th came to hand tonight and I am glad to hear from you. I see that you are down to Mary’s and of course I know for what and I wish that you was in the same condition [pregnant], don’t you pet? I don’t care for long letters but I want more of them. You think right, pet, for I had rather come home than to have a box but I can’t get there. Tell Wanton [Hoxie] ¹ that I don’t like the idea of dressing my mouth in morning on other [  ] account but that I will do the best I can for him. Give my respect to both him and Mary. Excuse this for it is time for roll call.

As ever, — Chet

A kiss for pet.

¹ Wanton Hoxie (1837-1910) was Chester Chapman’s brother-in-law. He was married to Mary Ann Williams (1836-Aft1870). Their son John Hoxie was born in January 1865.


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