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Chapman, 3 December 1864

Battery Anderson, Virginia
December 3rd 1864

Dear Wife,

Your kind letter of the 27th of November came to hand last night and I am glad to hear that you are well for I am in the best of health. We are still at it here and we shall be so long as they keep a picket of niggers in front of us. They burst two shells in our battery today but they hurt no one. But they killed two or three niggers and one or two white men in the next battery to ours.

I am glad that you went up to Grandfather’s and hope that you had a good time. Don’t I wish that I had of been with you. I am sorry, pet, that you are in trouble and only wish I could help you, but I can’t for I have no money nor do I expect any till the middle of next month. So, pet, try and get along the best you can and I will help you as soon as I can. It was mean in me to keep back my last pay for I can’t get it now and in the future I will send it to you instead of trying to double it as I have this time. I shall make about fifty dollars out of thirty.

You say that you are sorry that you could not work in the mill. I hope, pet, that you can get along without it until I get paid off. If you can, you can’t go to work in the mill for it is my fault you’re trying it this time and it shan’t happen so again. So if you can get along till I get paid without going in, don’t go in for I won’t hear of it. Of course I have been foolish and can’t help myself now but I can when I get paid. If we don’t get paid off till the middle of January, I shall have one hundred and twelve dollars due me besides my own state check and one of them that I have bought which will be twenty more so then I can send you 100 and 20 dollars and have twelve for my own use.

You must excuse me for not writing more than I do for we are called out so often that we have to write in a hurry or not at all. You must not worry about me so much but trust God for my safety for He is good and His will be done. I shall take all the care of myself that I can for I am not sick of life yet nor can I be while I have such a loving, faithful little wife at home.

Give my love to Mother and the girls for it is all your own, pet. I will now close this hoping it may find you well and happy. And pet, try to do the best that you can till you can get help from me which will be as soon as possible. God bless you.

Ever your loving husband, — C. A. Chapman, Co. D, 1st C. V. A.

A kiss for my pet.

P. S. I have got one month less than two years now to stay. Every month counts now, pet. — Chet

P. S. Don’t think me in much danger for I tell you the worst for it ain’t very bad Chet

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