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Chapman, 3 November 1864

Battery Anderson, Virginia
November 3rd 1864

Dear Wife,

I will now try and pen a few lines and hope they will find you well for a third of my time expired today so you can call me a two-year’s man now and I only hope I may have as easy time for the next two years as I have had for the last. But I can’t tell till after the election how long I am to stay out here for if Lincoln stays in office, I shall either get killed or serve my time out. But if Little Mac is elected, I am in hopes of getting out of this for I think that the Rebs will stop fighting if he is elected.

Oct [Nov] 4th — Dear Mat, your kind letter of the thirtieth came to hand today and I am glad to hear from you and I must say that you are in a bad place, pet. But I hope you do not quarrel with any of your friends for it is a bad trouble. All that you can do, pet, is to let them rant and rave and take no notice of them for as you say, they only hurt themselves. And if I ever get back to Fort Richardson, Mrs. Mathews can have another chance to get mad if she likes for I mean to have you come out again if I can. But let me know what she can find to say for I would like to know.

Then you think that you are a getting strong, do you? Well all tight. If I think that there is any danger, I won’t come home until you say that it is safe to come for I don’t want a lickin’. Ha ha ha. Oh my, my. If you want to please me you had better send that picture for I would like to know how fond you are a growling. Don’t forget now that I want your picture—that is, if you can afford to send me one. One year of my time goes out yesterday so I am a two year’s man now instead of a three, but it is a long time to look ahead. But never mind. I am started on my second year now so it looks a little better, but I had most forgot to tell you that I want some stamps for it is impossible to get any out here for the sutlers won’t help anything but what they can make a big profit.

I will now close this letter hoping it will find you well for it leaves me in the best of health. Give my love to all for it is all your own. Write soon, pet, and don’t forget to send that picture. As ever your affectionate husband, — C. A. Chapman

Co. D, 1st C. V. A., Washington D. C.

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