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Chapman, 12 January 1865

Battery Anderson, Virginia
January 12th 1865

Dear Wife,

Your kind letter of the 4th came to hand last night and it found me well for which I am truly thankful and now I hope this will find you in good health. I see by your letter that you are glad to hear from me and I am glad to hear of it. You say that you will be an old woman by the time that I get home. Well it don’t matter how old you get to be for you will be just the same to me if you are a hundred and ninety-nine as I shall love my pet just the same as I do now. You speak about learning to dance. I wish that you knew how for it is very good exercise and I think it would do you good and if you can learn as well as not, I would advise you to do so by all means. I wish I had the good luck to be there with you. If I had, you would have to learn how.

It is a Norwich man that I got to write to Mat Clark. His name is Marvin H. Amesbury [of Co. I]. He is a pretty good sort of a boy in his way—a great lover of the girls.

You say that if I was at home you would have a ride but you would not go with me if I was there but I would have a ride anyhow if I had to take it at—-well we will call it shoemaking if you like. But pet, don’t talk of your writing long letters for I wish you would send me one that it would take a month to read it and send one everyday. You don’t write often enough for I get tired waiting for a letter from you. Why only think of it, I don’t get any letters from anyone but you so you know that I don’t get many.

The order about them furloughs is countermanded so there is none to be had at present and perhaps not for the winter. I hope not, don’t you? Don’t hurry yourself, pet, but at the same time get your picture taken as soon as you can. I will send six dollars in this and you will be very kind if you send me some stamps in your next. I will now close with my best love to my pet. Give my love to all the folks. Good night pet.

As ever your loving husband, — Chester A. Chapman, Co. D, 1st C. V. A.

Pet, send me some stamps as soon as you get this for I have to borrow three and I have got to pay for them soon. — Chester

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